Interior Painting

Paint by room or give a fresh coat to the entire home. Proper prep will include patching, cleaning, light sanding, with furniture and floors covered before the painting service begins. Get your walls, ceilings, trim and foyers coated with top of the line Sherwin Williams paints.

Exterior Painting

Painting the outside of your home not only brings pride to your neighborhood, but more importantly, it provides coverage to keep your substrate healthy and long lasting. It is recommended to have your home painted every 5 to 8 years. Before painting, our services include dry-rot wood replacement, puttying, caulking, cleaning, scraping, and light sanding. Don’t forget about the deck, fence or garage.

Other Services

Power Washing

Looking to spruce up the outside of your home? We offer high pressure power washing for your home, driveway, and landscape pavers. Mildew and algae will build up on the home if not washed and maintained properly. Keep your house looking it’s finest with our detailed power washing service.

Wood Replacement

Dry-rot will happen around the home when the proper painting coverage is not applied or consistently maintained. Moisture getting past the seals is sure to lead to dry-rot. We can replace individual boards or full sections of a home. Don’t put a band-aid on this issue, have our dry-rot assessment completed while at your home for the estimate.

Small Home Projects & Repairs

This option includes your everyday household maintenance. Including, but not limited to light switch repairs, light bulb replacement, picture / fixture mounting, furniture building / configuring, toilet valve replacement, etc. Let us know what your needs are today and we are happy to be of service.